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Route & Discovery helps identify and eliminate friction in user experience of SaaS and business software through research, advisory, and team training.
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Flexible services tailored to help you discover and execute growth opportunities, or stop falling behind.

UX Research & Analysis

Our team uncovers actionable insights that enable you to make data-driven decisions on strategy. We accomplish this by utilizing market intelligence along with conducting user interviews and large-scale data analysis.


Auditing pinpoints opportunities to refine user flows and UX. This enhances conversions, reduces churn, and improves usability. The process includes resource estimation, planning, and implementation timelines.

Design Team Training

Elevate your design & research team's efficiency. Our optimized processes and collaborative frameworks enhance the impact of design. We prepare your team to scale and thrive.


We direct you towards the best path, helping you avert early threats and identify opportunities. Our goal is to navigate your company's operations effectively, with a strong emphasis on refining and improving User Experience.
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Scientific Approach

We deliver precise responses to business challenges within weeks using our scientific approach.

Discover the Route

We delve deeply into your product to gather insights that allow us to define the most effective route to achieve tangible results.

Develop Solution

In an iterative loop of hypothesis testing we deliver data-driven blueprint, ready for implementation and tailored for measurable impact in your product.

Secure Results

We guide your team through every stage of execution, providing training, advisory, and expert support until tangible outcomes are secured.
Comparison of Old and New UX/UI Design for Pilot Management Systems

News & Insights

Explore our latest industry news, expert insights, and thought leadership pieces to keep you informed and empowered.
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Global Minds Network

Our diverse collective of remote experts, with a wide range of successful ventures across numerous commercial niches and a proven track record delivering critical government projects, provides unique insights that surpass geographical boundaries. This combination of experience and global reach makes our team uniquely qualified to guide you towards achieving your goals.
Regina Kugrashova
Regina Kugrashova
Co-founder & Lead Researcher
Danila Chechurov
Danila Chechurov
Co-founder & CEO
A wide network of field experts
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